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Happy. New. Year.

Happy new year, guys. I hope it's a good one for y'all.

Sorry for the lack of postage. I'm practicising occasionally in my own way. This will be my last post however for quite a while due to IRL matters.


An insight into my training process, I draw large pictures to practice multiple things at once. I don't draw the picture for it to be mesmerising, rather I use it to figure out all the points I need to address.

I personally call this 'Kaizen', which literally means breakthrough/improvement. I do this to have burst improvements of my skill because I'm lazy and have little time. In terms of this kaizen, I've figured out a few things I need to consider. Firstly, the order of processes - drafting with background and colour with rough character placement without detailing before anything. The way I've done it this time was detailing the background then characters, but that ended up as a waste of effort. Second is the emotive expression and flow of the characters/composition, polishing the picture tends to alter the original feel of the drawing. Third is planning, there were a couple of times where I wasted a lot of time just trying to fix and alter stuff due to my lack of foresight. To list a few, the hair style change, colouring style change, indecision with the background. That said, I reckon I was able to figure out a fair few things to be able to rapidly improve myself. The rest is rote.