A circle of two ♭

Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo

Welp, it's over. So short, only 10 episodes, but a very enjoyable 10 episodes.


It was kind of like Horizon, in the sense that I ended up liking pretty much every (female) character. Was most particular towards Useless Bunny though, yes!


If you haven't checked this show out already, I'd reccomend it. Given the length, it's fairly fast paced and doesn't waste time getting to the point. Like Horizon, I eagerly await another season. Please?


Also, I've almost recovered from my sickness, so ETUDE should resume again this Monday, all things going as planned. In the meantime, here are some photos from Kyoto.


This is where we stayed. Surprisingly huge for how much we were paying.


Temple you've probably seen in a fair number of anime, probably the most famous one in Kyoto (perhaps even all of Japan).


Picture of said temple from another angle.


This was a neat little store nearby the temple. Had a lot of cute little glass animals, very good for getting as a gift to friends.


Train Simulator: Japan Edition.


Some more famous Kyoto spots.


Did I mention it was really hot? Because it was really hot. You can't feel it from these pictures, but stepping out into sunlight would have about the same results as a vampire stepping into daylight.


I have to say, Kyoto was certainly a very beautiful city. If you ever visit, I highly reccomend hiring a bike for a day and just biking around places, it's incredibly relaxing.


And just like that, we were headed towards Osaka, before making a return trip to Tokyo to meet up with everyone else, and Comiket!